Marin learn their lessons in the fresh air of the trails and roads that spread out in all directions from their home, from the pro athletes, everyday riders, and cycling evangelists who share their love of the wheel. They take that knowledge and infuse every design with it, employing the most advanced tools and techniques to build the best bikes out there. Marin test extensively and design carefully, but the validation of any bike is riding, climbing, descending, and repeating — again and again, until they achieve perfection.

Riding in Marin County is like exploring heaven on earth. Marin believe there is no better place to ride, and Marin build that sense of freedom and performance into every bike that bears their name. Every hour Marin put into sweating the smallest details, tweaking geometries, and twisting wrenches is for you, for every moment you’re on the bike, when you forget the rest, focus on the ride, and enter another world.